The Power of Transformational Growth

Some of us live out our entire lives looking for others to complete us. Others realize that only we alone can make ourselves feel whole. I learned this the hard way. I had been searching for parts of me in other people, places, and things for a long time until I finally realized now, at 30, that I was searching in all the wrong places. I had everything I needed to complete myself inside me all along.

I have gone through many trials and tribulations in life, but I do not begrudge any of them. They have all played their unique role in helping me identify my strengths, weaknesses, passions, and desires. I have transitioned from ‘trying to survive’ to ‘thriving.’ In the process, I have learned that growth is inevitably a painful experience. It is only through overcoming pain and challenges that we earn the lessons that help us make better decisions in life.

I look forward to keep developing this blog and continuing forward on my journey. I hope the experiences I share from my journey serves to inspire others too.

Is there a particular moment of realization, where it dawned on you, that you, too, were whole all this while? I’d love to hear of it. Please comment and share below. Let’s build a community of people who recognize life’s struggles for its ability to effect transformational growth.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Transformational Growth”

  1. Great bit of insight into the growth and transformation process. I can relate.

    at a certain point in your Journey you gain the ability to recognize that everything you have been through plays a role in who you are today, and that you have incredible strength within you.

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