Dating During Covid

The ongoing pandemic has forced people to acknowledge that certainty is an illusion. People find themselves being uncertain about many aspects of their lives, dating being one of them.

Covid is not a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). But the risk of easy infection prevents many from going on a date. Even people that dare to take the initiative find themselves facing many internal and external fears.

Vaccination status

Anyone that is ready to date is confronted with the most important question – is the prospective date vaccinated? Perhaps, “I’m vaccinated” is the best ice-breaker in town during these pandemic times.

Many people wishing to go on a date are helping address this concern by specifying their vaccination status in their profiles. Several people are willing to meet their date in person only after receiving their shots.

Decrease in the number of dates

Dating has not been what it was before the pandemic. Not all people looking for a potential partner are willing to date during the pandemic. The risk of infection makes people less amenable to dating and romantic relationships.

This human behavior in the face of a pandemic is natural, says a 2017 study. This study involved hundreds of single males and females in the 18 to 35 age group. Study participants were given a questionnaire as part of a psychometric test.

Participants that expressed vulnerability to diseases through their questionnaire responses showed a lesser inclination to date. This finding applied to even those people that were very attractive.

Research authors concluded that the fear of disease reduced people’s interest in romance.

Fear of intimacy       


Fear of getting close has increased due to the pandemic. There is no conclusive research stating that Covid can spread through sex. But, Covid spreads through droplets. Dates looking to get closer may find even kissing deterring as huge amounts of droplets are exchanged during the action.

Even an intimate act as simple as touching or holding hands can seem overwhelming during pandemic times.

Social anxieties

The pandemic saw repeated lockdowns, which restricted the social lives of people. The prevalent fear of infection also forces many people to restrict their social life.

Social life may even lose its appeal for some people. These factors make an occasion such as dating less appealing and fulfilling.

Priorities may also change during such times. It may not be exaggerating to say that the result of a date may depend on the social responsibility assumed by the people involved. For example, a lighter attitude regarding the pandemic in a prospective date can disappoint an individual. The disappointed individual may find it difficult to connect with the date. They may not consider the date worthy anymore.

Pandemic fears are restraining for people looking to find lasting relationships as well as those in search of some unadulterated fun.

Whether it is dancing with abandon on a full floor or enjoying a night-out like there’s no tomorrow, the things that were once taken for granted on a date are no more possible.

In conclusion

While the pandemic situation may seem harsh for nurturing your love life, some changes on the dating front offer solace. Experts say that the pandemic has forced people to clearly understand their priorities.

People clearly know what they want from their romantic partners, which makes such social connections more meaningful than before. Dating is more precious than before, say experts.

If you are in the dating scene, then understand that you are not alone in your fears. The world is with you, walking the same path. Take the time to focus on your own well-being and remember that “this too shall pass.” Your chance to form a meaningful relationship is around the corner!

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