Top 10 Reasons I am Single

Being single is a joy that many people experience. There are several people who are single by choice, and there are some who want to be in a relationship but are single because of various reasons. Here are the top ten reasons why one can be single.

    1. I wasn’t happy

Whitney Houston was right when she said, “I’d rather be alone than unhappy.” What would you rather do? Be in a relationship where you are unhappy or stay single and wait for the right person to bring joy? Happiness is a choice!

    2. I felt sick

When someone says, ‘The relationship made me sick,’ have you ever considered the literal sense? Sick need not mean disgusted. A person can make you sick- a smoker, a drug addict, an alcoholic, or just someone who gives you STD. Would you be in such a relationship?

    3. I am comfortable being alone

There are many relationships wherein you feel suffocated. Its nothing to be ashamed of! If you are not comfortable being a part of a person’s life, you tend to feel suffocated. Would you suffer, or would you rather be single and enjoy being alone?

    4. I experienced too much drama

Drama is a part of life, and life without drama is not worth living. But how much drama is acceptable? Sometimes, things get out of hand, and negative emotions play a vital role in defining a relationship. That’s a cue that you need to get out of such a relationship and be single instead!

    5. I felt there was no return on investment

Can you clap with one hand? A relationship has two people in it, and unless both try to make an effort, it is bound to fail. You put in a lot of effort and constantly make an effort trying to make the relationship work, but your partner does not. Would you call it a healthy relationship if your feelings are not reciprocated?

    6. They are not my equal

Equality plays a huge role in defining a relationship. People either feel superior or inferior to their partner that causes drift and breakups. The feeling of unequal can be because of how the other person looks, how much they earn, their intelligence, and more.

    7. I want to be single

Now that’s simple and straightforward reasons to be single. ‘I want to be single!’ Sometimes there is no reason to stay single. You would rather stay single and mingle with others than be committed to someone. That’s a personal choice that shouldn’t be questioned.

    8. I need more time

At times, you may feel like you need to spend time with yourself and reflect on things that wouldn’t be possible when in a relationship. You simply need more time to commit to a relationship!

    9. I need to invest in myself

Investing in oneself only means that you prefer setting goals and achieving them. You would want to spend your energy on doing something for yourself, which wouldn’t be possible if you are in a relationship.

    10. I am not ready for a commitment

Many people who are in a relationship expect it to grow and prosper, get to the next level. From single to in a relationship, to lovers, to engaged, and then married. While some would want to commit their life to the relationship, others would prefer being single.

There are several reasons why a person is single, and they depend deeply on the circumstances they are in.

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