Stress Of Returning Back To Work

Work from home has been one of the major highlights of the pandemic. Across industries and designations, people have been working from home for more than a year. It took a lot of adjustments for people to get used to the work-from-home culture. After the initial resistance people learned new technology to keep in touch with their peers.

With vaccination on the upswing, economies are opening up. People are slowly returning to work. This again calls for a change in lifestyle. As with any change, the return to work is causing a lot of anxiety among people.

Cause of Stress

There are many causes of this return to work stress.

1.Sticking to a schedule

People are getting anxious about being able to get up and leave their homes in time for work. The commute is adding to the anxiety. Getting back to the office also means adjusting your routine around work hours. Work from home offered flexibility in terms of dressing up and food timings.

2.Leaving their loved ones behind

Work from home allowed people to spend time with their loved ones. People who have small children or elderly parents have to arrange for help for looking after them. Children have got used to having their parents around them. Separation anxiety is adding to the problem.

3.Interpersonal relations

A year causes a lot of changes in people’s lives. Many people have lost their loved ones to Covid-19. There may be new recruitments. Some of your colleagues may have been laid off or changed jobs. All this affects the work atmosphere. People are often worried about their ability to adjust to new people and circumstances.

4.New responsibilities

Almost all businesses have suffered losses due to the pandemic. The workforce has been trimmed to tide over losses. This will result in a restructuring of roles. The work and working methods may be different in the new normal.

5.Anxiety about Covid-19

Covid is still not behind us. Many people are unvaccinated. Some people are plain careless and refuse to follow Covid appropriate behavior. There is talk of some variants emerging. All this will naturally make you anxious about contracting the disease.

How to tide over this anxiety?

1.Have patience

You have to remember that almost everyone is struggling with the changes in their life. You have to have patience with yourself and with everyone around you. There will be mistakes. Learn to forget and forgive. Don’t be in a hurry to get to a normal routine.


Work from home has given rise to a sedentary lifestyle. Get active. Go for walks. Take up some form of exercise. You will find it easier to adapt to the hectic lifestyle when you join the office.

3.Prepare Yourself.

Go and visit your office before it opens formally. Try to get a feel of the environment. Get your work clothes ready. Prepare a timetable beforehand and try to stick to it.

4.Stress-relieving techniques.

Practice stress-relieving techniques like meditation, yoga, or mindfulness. If the anxiety doesn’t subside then get professional help.

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