How to handle job hopping and limited exposure questions during interviews?

For a long time in my professional career, I have often joined jobs without engaging in a rigorous assessment of the job roles. Being a young professional at the very onset of my career, I was eager to hop onto any opportunity that would land in front of me. My primary motive at that time was to pick up on-site skills and hands-on experience. In the pursuit of gaining first-hand work experience in a number of different roles, I have switched jobs often in my younger days.

Though it may appear that I was unable to focus on any one job for long, the truth is it was very challenging finding a permanent role to grow in.  I went on this journey giving myself exposure to as many opportunities and fields that I can. I believe in taking some time to figure out exactly where to go, instead of rushing through the decision and regretting later.

Right now, I am at a juncture in life where I can have a long-term vision in terms of my professional and personal life. Before applying for this role, I thoroughly researched the nature of my work, the qualities needed to be successful in the field, and what prospects the field holds. It is only after ticking many boxes that I decided to go ahead with it. Now I feel way more confident about my ability to serve in this role. I understand the needs and demands of the work better than I did for any job in the past. 

I do not in any way regret leaving the jobs, I did not consider them suitable for me. At the same time, I am grateful for the experience those positions have given me. I feel much more confident about my problem-solving skills now because of the varied situations I have found myself in over the past years. All the previous jobs have given me direction in some way and now I feel confident about the direction of my professional career. The feeling of being directionless do not affect my job performance anymore. I feel ready to move ahead in the path that I have chosen after a series of trials and errors. 

How has changing jobs affected your career?

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